Report: $40 per week for book reviews (500- to 1,000-words) and book blog posts online in 2014. Bustle’s solicitation: “Reviewers work directly with our Books Editor, who assigns books every month that she receives from publishing houses (she’d send them to you). We expect one review per week, and ideally, you’d be available to write up any books news one day per week for a few hours in the form of a short blog post. Pay is $40/week.”

UPDATE — 4/8/2014 – An assigning editor for Bustle wrote in with a clarification: “This listing/info: http://whopays.scratchmag.net/bustle/ is somewhat accurate although it was for an internship position.”

The editor, who asked not to be named, added that Bustle’s non-intern rates for book reviews are $40-60 per review, “commensurate with experience.” Reviews are 500-700 words (plus, you know, reading the book).

We’ve also reached out to the writer who submitted the post, and will update this post with any more information we learn. UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The writer comments: “The position was not posted or specifically delineated when it was offered to me [in early 2014]. I imagine they’ve created this [internship] posting since then, but it looks accurate to the offer I was given.”

Aaaand that concludes this round of “editor said/journo said.” Thanks for playing, everyone!

TO SUM UP: Bustle book section — For interns, $40 per week for one 500- to 700-word book review + one day of book blogging. [Which, for those checking the math at home, is the same thing as $40 per day, assuming the intern works one day per week as advertised.] For everyone else, $40-$60 per post for one 500- to 700-word book review.

TO FURTHER SUM UP: Yeah, so, still don’t quit your day job, kids.