Who Pays Writers?

A place to list which publications pay writers, and how much.

Help build this database: tell us what you got paid. It’s always anonymous.

The American Reader

Report: $1000 for a 10,000-50,000 word short story (fiction) in print and online in 2014.

The Billfold

Report: $25 for a 1000- to 2000 word essay in 2014. Submitted on spec. See also: http://whopays.scratchmag.net/tag/the-billfold/


Report: “War is Boring” collection - $200 fo a 2000-4000 word essay. Solicited pitch.


Report: $100 for a 1000-2000 word personal essay. Solicited pitch.

The Billfold

Report: no payment offered for a 2-4K word interview online. Cold pitch. Writer says, however, “It’s no longer true that The Billfold doesn’t have the money to pay contributors. They pay some contributors sometimes.”

See alsohttp://whopays.scratchmag.net/tag/the-billfold/


Report: $75 for a 1000-2000 word criticism/review piece online in 2013. Medium reporting. Ongoing relationship with pub. See also: http://whopays.scratchmag.net/tag/vice/

New York Times – Sunday Review

Report: “Editor came to me to write a ‘reported think piece.’ I wrote it; they rejected it. Asked me to ‘try again,’ at something completely new, but without any guidance about what that something new would be. Urged me to write something more personal. They rejected that, too. No kill fee.”

See also: http://whopays.scratchmag.net/tag/new-york-times/

Model View Culture

Report: $150 for a 2000- to 40000word personal essay in print and online in 2014. Ongoing relationship with publication. “Prompt payment by physical check.”

San Francisco Magazine

Report: $2365 for a 2-4K word feature in print and online, in 2014. Heavy reporting. Cold pitch.


Report: $500 for a 2000-4000 word feature online. Medium reporting. Cold pitch. Terms: “The publication bought all rights, or it was a work for hire.”